Clinical Excellence

Clinical Excellence in Wound CareClinically Excellent Wound Center Management Services

RestorixHealth believes that optimal patient outcomes result from a strong clinical foundation.

Our exceptional wound center management services begins with our evidence-based clinical pathways that include both conventional and innovative approaches to wound care using leading edge healing technologies.

These pathways serve as both a guide to enhance clinical judgment and as a powerful tool to standardize care across practitioners based on best practices – this ensures your patients are always receiving best in class care to maximize their healing outcomes.

Our policies and procedures enable your wound care center to consistently operate at the highest standards.

Clinical Excellence in Wound CareRestorixHealth’s extensive, standardized policies and procedures cover all aspects of wound care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound center business practices.

Our policies and procedures are the foundation for successful, efficient operations from the very first day the center is open. There is no learning curve – there is no guesswork, just time proven policies and procedures that further standardize operations.

RestorixHealth takes quality and performance seriously

Our tools and systems establish world-class quality metrics, measure results and adjust processes to continuously improve healing rates and center performance. Built right into the EMR system, this ensures your center is always operating at the highest clinical and administrative standards.

WoundDocs® EMR System – The Core of Our Patient Care

WoundDocs-LogoOur customized, wound-specific EMR system is the most advanced in the industry. It provides everything needed for clinically excellent wound center management and features digital photography, one click wound analysis, billing and coding guidance as well as automated electronic clinical feedback to referring physicians – and it connects directly to your facility’s EMR. WoundDocs provides physicians with medical decision making components and allows for collaborative case management.

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