Our Amputation Prevention Services

Amputation Prevention Center Overview

Welcome to Amputation Prevention Centers of America®. We are dedicated to healing chronic wounds, preventing lower limb loss and optimizing quality of life and the best outcomes for our patients. Most patients who seek treatment at an Amputation Prevention Center have diabetes and a foot ulcer, or may have poor circulation to the leg and foot even if they do not have diabetes. However, any patient with a lower leg or foot wound that does not heal right away should call the Amputation Prevention Centers of America® phone number to make an appointment or to speak with a specialist.

Remember, most leg amputations can be prevented, but the sooner your seek treatment, the better chance at healing. You can call the number directly, fill out the form, or ask your regular doctor to make a referral. If your insurance requires authorization, the Amputation Prevention Center staff will work to obtain that authorization. The most important thing is to CALL TODAY and make HEALING YOUR PRIORITY.

Make an appointment by filling out the form below, or by calling (855) 239-4481 to learn more.

Contact us today and make healing your priority.