Chronic Wound Symptoms

Diabetic foot complications are among the most complex to treat.  Because of this, they require a coordinated, organized approach from a team of specialists with advanced training. The good news is up to 80% of amputations due to diabetic complications are preventable with an integrated approach to treatment.  Anytime you have a sore or experiencing any chronic wound symptoms, contact your Amputation Prevention Center for an appointment right away.

Chronic wound symptoms include:

  • A foot or leg ulcer that has not healed right away, or is getting worse
  • An ulcer or skin surrounding an ulcer that has turned black
  • A leg or foot ulcer and you have had a previous amputation
  • You have been told you might need an amputation

If you have any of the above symptoms and also develop a fever or flu-like symptoms, you should go to the emergency room immediately.  You should also contact the nearest Amputation Prevention Center for a follow-up appointment.