About Amputation Prevention Centers of America®

Patients with diabetic foot ulcers or other conditions that can become serious and lead to major complications like amputation, require a special team of experts to make sure you get the best care and have the best chance to heal. In certain hospitals around the country, RestorixHealth, a management company, has partnered to develop specialized clinics. These specialized clinics are part of a network called the Amputation Prevention Centers of America, and each center is called an Amputation Prevention Center.

The Amputation Prevention Center is based on a treatment program that relies upon surgical podiatrists (foot doctors who can perform surgery) and vascular specialists (doctors that specialize in circulation problems) working together to try to heal your foot ulcer and avoid a leg amputation. There are other specialists that work with the two main doctors also, such as doctors to treat infections, or doctors to help you control your blood sugar, or even dieticians and diabetes educators to help you understand how to best help yourself avoid complications of diabetes. These types of clinics have had great results and have healed the majority of patients who have completed their treatment programs.